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Picture Schedules for Helping Children with Autism.

by Cheryl Miller CCC MS-SLP.

What is a picture schedule and how does it used in helping Children with Autism?

Why a schedule, that uses Pictures?

Who is a candidate?

Which one do I use Vertical or Horizontal?

What is the pocket for?

How do I use the schedule?

If individual is having behavioral issues and chooses to pull all pictures off the schedule. Possibly pulls the schedule itself off of the wall. Secure schedule in a place where he or she has access to it, only when assisted to use the schedule. Like outside of the room, or on the opposite side of the door.

-A young child may have a schedule depicting toys to be played with that day in order: blocks, playdough, bubbles.

-A school age child may have a schedule depicting fun places they like to go to be visited in a sequence: McDonalds, park, movies, etc.

-A teenager may have a schedule depicting the steps on how to cook his or her favorite food, like making pizza.

-An adult may have a schedule depicting the steps on how to create something related to his or her favorite hobby. For example, cutting flowers and making a bouquet.

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